Please lend your support to Left Forum. Our registration fees don't approach covering the costs of producing our conference!

Renting the conference facilities in New York City, maintaining a complex website, promoting the event, producing the 100 page program guide, providing audio/video equipment, coordinating hundreds of volunteers and up to 1,000 speakers -- all require funds that we rely entirely on you for.  We ask that you donate generously to Left Forum. 

Left Forum is a 501(c)(3) contributions are tax-deductable. We appreciate any fundraising suggestions you can offer.

Donations at every level are more than welcome, a contribution of  $50 or more are especially appreciated.

There are two donation options:

  1. You can use Credit/Debit Card and start below

  2. You can make a check out to 'Left Forum' and mail it to: Left Forum P.O. Box 763, New York, NY 10272

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